Heather L. Ursu, Project Ambassador, Connector-in-Chief

As a young woman, Heather turned her back on debate team stardom.  As an adult, she showed the Canadian Diplomatic Corps what was possible, and then decamped for a full-contact family gig in New York City.

Heather describes herself as a champion of good causes, a connector of good people, and a fan of all things positive.

Heather's middle name is "Lynne."  She becomes testy when people forget to pronounce that last "e."

You've been warned.


Sue McGovern, PR Maven

Sue McGovern got her introduction to communications as a high school student doing late night "Paste ups” of anti-Vietnam War leaflets in Harvard Square.  Ever since, she’s looked for ways to use her skills to effect social change.

We got glimpses of her magic in her efforts around human rights, famine relief and environmental health, and we were lucky enough to work with Sue and the sustainable agriculture community during our Hudson River Swim for Clean Water in 2004.

Sue’s middle name is “Ann.” If you think Sue is too plain, you can always call her Ann.


Paget Walker, Community Engagement

When you see the arts and community initiatives associated with one of our swims reach full flower, Paget is the reason. She connects marine mammals like Christopher with the communities whose waters he seeks to protect.  Her mission is to share the stories and the messages of the swims in ways that go beyond press conferences, social media, and blog posts.  (Full disclosure: Paget and Christopher have been friends since they were eleven years old, and they stayed friends even after Christopher fell asleep at Paget's Junior Prom.)

Paget's middle name is Hoyt, a family name that comes to her from her paternal great great grandparents--who are best known for accomplishing the unusual feat of combining a banking family with a circus family.


Nicole Butterfield, Education Team Leader

Nicole has been harnessing the educational potential of swim expeditions since the summer of 1996, and pulling occasional escort boat duty along the way. She has shaped swim-related content and curricula for hundreds of North American schools. To quote Nicole, "All the world's a classroom."

Nicole's middle name is Diane, after her mom. (She has a really cool mom.)


Andy Norris, Crew Guy, Escort Boat Captain, Film Crew Chief, and Wildlife Biologist

Andy is a writer and filmmaker from Oregon with roots in New England.  As a kid, Andy enjoyed falling asleep reading bird identification guides. Now that he's full grown, Andy enjoys many different activities, but on this website we can mention only: wilderness adventure, and wolfing down homemade, hot, chocolate chip cookies baked by one special Amish family in Lee Center, New York.

Andy doesn't have a middle name.  "I was mad at my parents at first, but now, I don't care," he explains.  "My sister doesn't have a middle name either."