Art For Clean Water

There is more than one way to advocate for clean water.

In addition to hosting press events and visiting schools, my Campaign for Swimmable Waterways encourages artists and educators to respond to the challenges of water pollution.

In 2015, my Gowanus Canal Swim inspired a companion art exhibit entitled, "All In: Swimming the Gowanus."

In 2016, my swim from Montauk to New York City inspired artist Camille Butterfield to create clean water lesson plans for art teachers. Camille is a high school junior who lives in the Long Island Sound Watershed.  She created these educational materials as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project.

Here is a sample:

Awesome, right?

We liked Camille's work so much--especially the way it helps educators to raise awareness about the state of our waterways--that we wanted to help Camille share her work with the world.

Click here to view and download all of Camille's Art For Clean Water lesson plans.