MONTAUK TO NYC SWIM WILDLIFE INVENTORY (on-the-water sightings by Crew Chief Andy Norris and our trusty volunteers September 2016 - June 2017)

Above: Atlantic Sturgeon (dead)

Above: Atlantic Sturgeon (dead)

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Algal Bloom (a few 20' X 10' brownish red areas mid-swim on 9/23)

American Black Duck

American Crow

Atlantic Menhaden a.k.a Bunker

Atlantic Sturgeon (dead; floating at surface; see photo above)

Black-Crowned Night Heron

Barn Swallow

Belted Kingfisher

Blue Crab


Blue Shark

Common Egret

Canada Goose

Common Loon

Common Tern

Common Thresher

Double-Crested Cormorant

Great Black-Backed Gull

Great Blue Heron

Great White Shark (a tagged female named "Montauk" courtesy of OCEARCH on 9/23/2016)

Fish Crow

Harbor Seal

Herring Gull

Insects (many varieties have visited the swim escort boat including parasitic wasps, stable flies, and an unidentified yellow butterfly)

Laughing Gull

Least Tern

Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Mako Shark


Monarch Butterfly (migrating?)

Mute Swan

Northern Gannet



Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly (open ocean)

Ring-Billed Gull

Showy Egret

Spider Crab

Striped Bass

Tree Swallows (Catching insects on the wing, most likely migrants heading south)

Unidentified Comb Jellies

White-Winged Scoter

Wilson's Storm Petrel



Homo sapiens (standing atop various vessels, including a US Navy submarine traveling on the surface)